Golf Fitness


Tiger Woods, at his professional debut in 1996, received physical guidance by Golf Medical Professionals. He also followed a specific strength and fitness training programme. This led to a professionalization of the entire sport of golf and has become a central component in professional golf.

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Golf examination


GolfDoc offers the ultimate golf medical examination.
This examination is meant for both beginners and advanced golfers and professionals.

The examination maps out your golf fitness (chance of injuries).

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Treatment of injuries


You can consult GolfDoc in case of physical complaints or injuries that limit you in playing golf.

Physical complaints or injuries can only be successfully treated if their cause is identified.


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GolfDoc offers a package of preventive examinations and treatments, thoroughly analyzing your body. Weaker muscles and incipient, potential physical injuries are mapped. Next, a treatment program is created to strengthen your muscles, tendons and joints. This makes your swing more constant and your drive longer. In short: your golf game will be optimal and at top level!

  • You want a better and longer drive?
  • You want to lower your handicap?
  • You want to reduce pain when playing golf?

The ultimate goal of GolfDoc is to realize a clear and noticeable improvement in your golf game and achieve symptom-free play. Of course, your commitment is also very important, as well as lessons with a golf professional.

Using various devices and techniques, the strengths and weaknesses of your body can be determined. This is done in areas such as strength, flexibility, balance, mobility and stability. On the basis of these findings we will determine how to improve your golf game.

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  • M. Kreijns from Baarn (hcp 34)

    My wrist was troubling me a lot. GolfDoc Just Hofmans carefully noted my complaints and examined me. Together we found a solution to my wrist problem.

    I am now fully without any pain and can once again play golf with pleasure.


  • Jan Schuring from Poortugaal (hcp 45)

    For years I suffered lower back pain. I now received a golf examination at GolfDoc. Here, it became clear where I should pay attention when playing golf and which muscles I need to strengthen. I was given exercises to follow and practice these every day.

    Thankfully, my back problems are now diminishing and serious damage to my back has been prevented.


  • Dr. Vuerstaek from Genk (Belgium) (hcp 23)

    Belgium knows no golf doctor. I therefore came to GolfDoc in the Netherlands. I drove three hours to be treated by my colleague, who is truly an expert and knows how to apply ultrasonography of the musculoskeletal system. It was also important for me that he knows the people of the European Tour and is recognized as a golf doctor, so that I can be certain he knows the field and is reliable. He has helped me well in treating my physical complaints.